What is Things For Streams?

Every single day new gamers and content creators join platforms like Twitch and Youtube to share their content. However, new channels are not too appealing to their audience and that creates a disadvantage, putting new streamers one step behind.

Things For Streams is here to address this issue, share highest quality graphics that will improve channel's presentation and stream's look. Last but not least, it's affordable for both groups, people who don't know if they will be streaming and those who are ready to try, but can't fully commit by investing into branding yet.

Can I use it commercially?

Yes! All packages, free and premium, can be used on streams that are being monetized. However, you can't redistribute panels or sell them as your own work.

Do I have to credit you if I use the graphics?

Well, you don't have to. However, every little form of support, like "link back" / tweet / community shoutout / Reddit post, helps and is much appreciated. Thank you.

If you would like to include the credit in your channel's bio section, but find "text to be... meh", feel free to use this panel.

Things For Streamers credit panel

Available as: PNG JPG

Why only 3 packages?

Things For Streams used to offer much more, also paid, packages - for podcasts, with animated screens, and higher variety of elements. However, due to other commitments, distribution became hard to maintain in its best possible form.

It is possible, even likely, that other packages will return, but there are no details or ETA. For now, you can simply download all free packages.

I bought one of packages in the past, where are those now?

Previously offered packages are unavailable currently. If you bought a package, please check on Gumroad.


Freepik for background pattern. Firesign24-7 for background pattern. Spoon Graphics for background patterns. Virgil Pana for icons. Brusheezy for brushes. Subtle Patterns for patterns.